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​The INCEPTION project has been selected by the European Commission to be presented during the events of the Europe Day 2017, a series of initiatives to celebrate the European Union and that each year attract thousands of visitors.

As part of these events, the upcoming May 6 INCEPTION will be presented in Brussels within the stands of the European Commission dedicated in particular to the "Research and Innovation" projects.
The event, called "Open Doors Day", is held annually and aims to exhibit and explain the activities and the benefits that programs funded by the European Union bring to citizens.
This year, the “Research and Innovation” stand will celebrate the 60 years of the Treaties of Rome, that gave birth to the EU of today, showcasing the research projects that are making a difference in our lives.


INCEPTION, now in its second year of development, will present on this occasion some of the preliminary outcomes on Virtual Reality of heritage as tools for the practical application of multi-informative 3D models.
The application of different digital acquisition systems for the development of a three-dimensional modeling dedicated to making digital models used by different categories of users belonging to different disciplines is indeed one of the main objectives of the project in terms of "inclusive cultural heritage".
The Virtual Tours that will be presented to ''Open Doors Day" will allow visitors to explore one of the INCEPTION Demonstration Cases, the Istituto degli Innocenti in Florence by Brunelleschi and other historical environments. Other three-dimensional models such as the Laurentian Library by Michelangelo in Florence, the Cathedral of Pisa, the Citadel of Gozo in Malta, the Forum of Pompeii, Santa Maria Novella in Florence, San Sebastiano in Mantua of Leon Battista Alberti will be presented as a result of the activity of advanced 3D integrated survey.

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