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Work Programme

The INCEPTION research project covers a total duration of 4 years (48 months). The project is organized in 8 inter-dependent work packages. One work package for mapping users demands (WP1), one work package for technology development/capturing and acquisition protocol (WP2), two work packages for research and technology development/data processing (WP3-4), three work package for deployment/user-oriented applications (WP5-6-7) and finally one work package for project management and scientific coordination (WP8).


  • WP1 User requirements on cultural heritage knowledge
  • WP2 3D data acquisition and hardware enhancement
  • WP3 BIM semantic modelling and software applications for Heritage usability
  • WP4 INCEPTION platform for sharing Heritage BIM models
  • WP5 Use cases and demonstrations
  • WP6 Deployment of 3D models in user applications
  • WP7 Education, knowledge dissemination and exploitation
  • WP8 Project and scientific management  

The INCEPTION project is geared towards fulfilling the priorities of the work programme, especially:

Accessing, Understanding, and Strengthening European identity through its rich cultural heritage.

  • Accessing European cultural heritage for both specialists and citizens at large, against a low cost. INCEPTION introduces replicable methods for 3D digital reconstruction across Europe, and enhances the precision and efficiency of 3D scanning / data acquisition equipment.
  • Understanding European cultural heritage more accurately as INCEPTION semantically enriches 3D models and digital surrogates (Virtual + Augmented Reality), and allows everyone to add rich diversity of contexts and interpretations to the 3D digital models through interactive, story-telling and wiki-oriented approaches using user mobile devices. On top of this, INCEPTION has an ambition to strongly support the development of a pan-European approach to data usage for better decision making related to preventive interventions and for supporting of site management and sustainable exploitation of assets.
  • Strengthening European identity on multiple levels at the widest scale as INCEPTION establishes 3D digital model-based documentation of cultural heritage that will be disseminated online as well as through on-site and off-site demonstrations by educational, cultural and governmental institutions, which are directly engaged in the INCEPTION Stakeholder Panel
Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.