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INCEPTION realises innovation in 3D modelling of cultural heritage through an inclusive approach for time-dynamic 3D reconstruction of artefacts, built and social environments. It enriches the European identity through an understanding of how European cultural heritage continuously evolves over long periods of time. 


INCEPTION’s Inclusive approach introduces novel solutions of 3D digital modelling:

  • forever: INCEPTION “Time Machine” that represents an innovative use of time-scale for dynamic 3D reconstruction with emphasis on how the modelled cultural heritage evolves over time in association with its built and social environments;
  • for everybody: portable, user-friendly and cost-effective hardware and software instruments for 3D capturing, modelling and analysis, as well as INCEPTION Semantic Web technologies and open-standard platform to creating and sharing understanding between various end-user group;
  • from everywhere: INCEPTION’s proposed standard procedures for data acquisition and open-standard format for cultural Heritage Building Information Modelling (H-BIM).

This website represents the retrieval mechanism for all public information about the project. It gives a description of the research work and the partners involved. In the course of the project, the generated results will be here published, the final research results being available at the completion of the project in 2​019.

Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.