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​​Villa Klonaridi, Athens, Greece


The historic building, Villa Klonaridi, is an exemplified mansion of the late 19th century situated in Patisia district in Athens, Greece. 
It was declared as a monument in 1994 from the Ministry of Culture as it is one of the remaining mansions of the area. It was constructed in three different phases so as to facilitate the needs of the Klonaridi family, originally settled in 1902, who held in their residence, close to the mansion, an alcohol beverage (beer) and ice factory. The mansion has two floors, a basement and a terrace. The family added additional rooms to the mansion over the years but was abandoned in 2000 after the property was transferred to the Municipality of Athens. ​​
In the interior of the monument, there are wall paintings and parts of the ceiling of significant architectural and artistic value. The mansion is located in a city square, within an area full of trees, where the municipality of Athens demolished the factory and rehabilitated a square for the community. Although the monument is uninhabitable and the deterioration is extending, it is considered a trademark of the area, known as the “Red Villa”. The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) (NTUAS’ Stakeholder) supports Athens’ ongoing evolution as a contemporary European capital, by designing, planning and implementing a wide range of projects and actions throughout its metropolitan area – the City of Athens. ADDMA plays a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of monuments throughout the Center of Athens, including the Klonaridi Mansion.
The aim of the demonstration case is to enhance cultural and educational activities, improving experiences of citizens and visitors, and to develop ICT tools in order to perform multispectral analysis.​

Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.