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In conclusion of the second period of the research project (M30) the INCEPTION consortium is going to launch the INCEPTION course.
The Patisson Historic complex of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Technical Chamber of Greece in Athens will host - on 6th and 7th of November 2017 - sixteen lectures focused on “Cultural Heritage H-BIM”:

  • Lecture 1: Keynote – General introduction
  • Lecture 2: On the significances of Cultural Heritage assets
  • Lecture 3: Knowledge management approach
  • Lecture 4: 3D acquisition and modelling of complex heritage buildings: the INCEPTION Protocol
  • Lecture 5: Enhanced field workflow for 3D laser scanning
  • Lecture 6: Usability of 3D documentation methods for the creation of H-BIM models
  • Lecture 7: Introduction to semantic web standards and their application on INCEPTION
  • Lecture 8: INCEPTION H-BIM Ontology
  • Lecture 9: INCEPTION platform architecture and IT technical solutions
  • Lecture 10: Innovative Business plans for H-BIM application related to alternative financing opportunities for Cultural Heritage
  • Lecture 11: Presentation of the Villa Klonaridi demo case
  • Lecture 12: Non-destructive techniques prospection in diagnosis and strategic planning
  • Lecture 13: 3D BIM Modelling and AR/VR App for the Hydra Museum (HAMH) Demonstration Case
  • Lecture 14: Creation of the point clouds & basic 3D model using AVR for the demo cases: Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb and Cultural Heritage Municipality of Unešić
  • Lecture 15: Prototype CH Asset Management and Condition Assessment tool
  • Lecture 16: Impact Investing and Cultural Heritage.
The INCEPTION courses are addressed to:

  • European students different Disciplines in the field of Cultural Heritage survey, documentation and representation (Architecture, Engineer, Survey Engineering, Digital Humanities, and universities
  • Professionals of all Disciplines involved in Cultural Heritage Protection and Historic buildings conservation;
  • Specialized employees of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Athens (Archaeologists, Conservators, Restorers, Engineers and others).

The purpose is to disseminate the INCEPTION concepts, methodologies and techniques as well as to demonstrate their implementation on use cases and real demonstration cases.
During the two days of lectures are also included two important visit to the following local example of cultural heritage:
  • Villa Klonaridi (neoclassical building and demo case of the INCEPTION project)
  • Hephaestus Temple – Thission (classical period of ancient Greece).
At the end of the INCEPTION courses will start the 6th Consortium meeting of the project hosted by NTUA. The meeting will take place at the General Assembly Hall at the Technical Chamber of Greece.
Please, if you require further information on the event you can write to the following emails: or
The lectures are available also by streaming directly from your computer using the INCEPTION educational platform:
You can find the agenda of the courses and roundtable here .
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