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​​Digital reconstruction of Ospedale degli Innocenti in 1843

The INCEPTION project has been invited to the "Innovation and Cultural Heritage Conference", that will be held in Brussels the next 20 March 2018.

The latest INCEPTION achievements will be shown as "Live demonstration of cultural heritage research projects". The title of the demo is "Immersive Cultural Heritage Experience. For an inclusive understanding of European assets". The demonstration will present a video and an immersive experience - through the use of headsets - of some of the heritage sites digitized within the INCEPTION project. Videos allow to view and be immersed into "point clouds", that are digital representations of 3D survey of historical buildings. These will allow to explain to a broad audience how it is possible to perform a digital representation of cultural heritage. Additional videos will be related to historical reconstructions of buildings. Virtual Tours in Virtual Reality Headset will present in an immersive way some sites digitized and enriched with additional narrative information.

The high-level Horizon 2020 conference – organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, in close cooperation with Directorates General for Education and Culture and for Communications Networks, Content and Technology – will showcase the dialogue between contemporary European society and the most promising innovations in the field of Cultural Heritage that European policies and funds have supported.

The conference is part of the programme of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and will contribute to its legacy by launching the public discussion about the objectives of European research and innovation policy for Cultural Heritage beyond 2020.


Info Innovation and Cultural Heritage - High-level Horizon 2020 conference of The European Year of Cultural Heritage

​When | Tuesday 20 March 2018, 8.30 (CET)

Where | Royal Museum of Arts and History, 1000 Brussels, Belgium



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