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13 BIS CONSULTING SARL is a SME specialized in evaluation and eco-fin structuring of complex infrastructure projects. Its experience and competence derive from its founder and gérant, Luca Coltro, who ran for 10 years a similar SME in Italy. The main activities of expertise are:
Market identification and analysis
Business plan structuring
Eco-fin modelling
Investment valuation and risk analysis
Operations management and project coordination
Financial structuring


Main roles in INCEPTION

  • T 1.1: Involvement in stakeholder panel definition.
  • WP5 – ALL TASKS: Involved in demonstration cases for market analysis and business opportunities
  • T 7.1, 7.3: To identify the criteria and to highlight the aspects that moving from the scientific and academic findings and achievements of the research can generate both sustainable ventures on a micro-economic level and an impact strategy on a macroeconomic dimension; to indicate the rationale for which both the private sector (especially SMEs) on one hand and the public institutions on the other should be interested in investing and participating into the implementation phase of the project; analysis of the economic sustainability of the project and the production of positive externalities in terms of generation of industrial activities and occupation. Analysis of drivers of the business from:
  • 1. The cost /investment,
  • 2. The revenue streams into three macro market segments:
  • 3. The online general public
  • 4. The online professional and academic users
  • 5. The onsite public​
  • The other hand, the evaluation of the viability of the pure business and/or the indication of the methodology to make a project viable from a pure economic and financial perspective can be conducted on one or more pilot projects. Finally, 13bis will indicate an action plan to foresee a potential implementation program that can involve both large public and private operators and SMEs.
  • T 8.1, T 8.3: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly), fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.​

Key persons involved

​​LUCA COLTRO (male) - Gerent

Luca Coltro has been running his own SME for the last 10 years focusing in the evaluation and development of complex investment projects. Currently LC is covering the economic evaluation, the financial structuring and the coordination of several impact investment projects in Namibia and the investment evaluation and development of a complex waterfront infrastructure project in Italy. LC also founded and directed one of the first Italian infrastructure funds. Previously, LC was a senior consultant at Bain & Company in the Boston and Rome offices. LC holds an MBA with major in Finance from the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and a Degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of Turin (Italy). LC is also a researcher at SealineLab, a laboratory of the Dep. of Architecture – University of Ferrara.​


MARIA TERESA REINERI (female) - Professor

Prof Maria Teresa Reineri was first researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, then Director of the first Computing Centre of the University of Turin and subsequently full professor of operation systems, cybernetics and theory of information at the Dep. Of Computing Sciences of the University of Turin. She was also senior researcher in digital image processing with several publications in international science reviews and conferences. Subsequently she became expert and senior researcher in history and historical monuments with focus on the XVII – XVIII century history in Europe with publications of four major books and numerous articles on specialized historical magazines and conferences.​


Odile Pilet Morin has 25 years of organization and field experience in the business and cultural tourism. In particular, OPM worked worldwide on outgoing operations but also she spent 10 years in Rome (Italy) in the organization of incoming business, sport and cultural events. OPM has worked with all the main French business and cultural tour operators. Just as an example OPM was part of the organisation and field team for Pinault Foundation – Palazzo Grassi (Venice). In 2013 OPM was part of the organisation and field team Marseille 2013 capitale de la culture méditerranéenne. OPM holds a BTS de Tourisme from the Ecole Française de Tourisme (Paris).​

Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.