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Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb is oriented into 3 base roles: education, research and collaboration with education institution, industry and SMEs. The educational role is to make innovative place of learning and development for the next generation of undergraduate and graduate students who have interests in the disciplines of civil engineering. It works in partnership with industry, SMEs, scientific community and governmental institutions to earn as much as 50% of our revenues and to contribute directly to the benefit of economy and society. This is the main educational centre for the permanent education and training of all subjects included in civil engineering sector.
Structural Department has a wide range of activities among which is the Photogrammetry with camera copters (terms): „RPAS“ – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, „UAV“ – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, „MAV“ – Micro Aerial Vehicle. What Faculty provides is: quadro- & octocopter, full technology package with software suite for airborne Photogrammetry, comprehensive range of services, simple control: Position Hold, Coming Home, GPS; automatic camera stabilizer and active camera compensationtransferring live images to ground station, maximum flight stability – high-quality aerial images, acoustic and visual flight control and warning signs, computer-aided control of the copter condition. Applications of this is int he field of : inspection / monitoring, renovation, restoration high buildings, towers of churches, steel cables, cell towers, chimneys, wind power stations, landscape, cultural heritage, archaeology and int he field of 3D survey / 3D modelling doing recording of the spatial dana, construction progress monitoring. Another fields are: airborne media production and photography & film production, combining infrared inspection energy status can be obtained etc. UNIZAG has equipment for assessment and diagnosing of the residual mechanical
properties of historic materials and structures using visual inspection and NDT techniques. Company is active on the field of design projects as well as in training in field of structures and legal aspects of building and planing, contracts in construction sector, legal and technical aspects of cultural heritage reconstructions and reassignements. UNIZAG has organized also many professional meetings and it is main Croatian center for permanent education in field of Civil Engineering.


Main roles in INCEPTION

  • T 1.1, 1.2, 1.3: Active role in the stakeholder definition, value – added assessment of cultural heritage, users’ requirements and knowledge integration from various disciplines.
  • T 2.1: Substantial contribution in the cataloguing and digitalization of historical data, state of conservation, performance indicators of non technical users of heritage documentation.
  • T 5.1, 5.4: Being responsible as a leader for the demonstration case in Croatia, an old stone villages in the Dalmatian coast by using equipment for 3D airborne survey performing terrestrial and high resolution 3D-surveys as well as photogrammetry for multimedia visualization and 3D modelling.
  • T 6.1, 6.2, 6.3: Definition of a framework for validate a user application and decision support tool. Supporting software for on site and off site model deployment.
  • T 7.1, 7.2, 7.3: Being responsible as leader of T 7.1 to coordinate communication activities throughout the project and mobilise partners and network to contribute to communication; developing training modules and taking part in conducting training courses; development of dissemination and exploitation plan, including consulting the European Commission on Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) services.
  • T 8.1, T 8.3: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly), fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.​


Key persons involved​

​​VLATKA RAJCIC (female) - PhD, Structural engineer Vlatka Rajcic is full university profesor teaching several subjects on Structural Department on graduated (Timber structures, Lightweight structures) and PhD study (Structural aspect of cultural heritage objects and Wood based composite structures) for architects and civil engineers, she is secretary and contact person of the Croatian Construction Technology Platform, member of FACH-ECTP, member of the Steering Management Committee of the Croatian Civil Engineering Institute, licensed structural designer with lots of executed structures, mainly from timber, licensed reviser for timber engineering design projects, member of the Croatian Chamber of Civil engineering Board for permanent education. Educated in the field of Artificial Inteligence tools. She is taking part in lots of European projects, COST Actions, etc. She has been evaluator of the FP7 project proposal as well as COST project proposals many times.


​ANA SKENDER (female) - PhD, Structural Engineer 

Ana Skender,  structural engineer, PhD in "Engineering Mechanics", Assistant professor since 2013. at Department of Engineering Mechanics University of Zagreb. Member of Croatian National Body of Standard, associate of Acreditation Agency of Croatia. Her activity concerns the testing of tha material and product’s quality and the innovation of technologies both in new buildings and in restorations. She is an expert in the field of materials and the building components. She is educated in the field of CPDF modelling of the indoor environment and structural analysis. She was active in FP7 project Climate for Culture.


​MISLAV STEPINAC (male) - PhD student, Structural Engineer, Research and teaching assistant

The main subjects of his work and research are timber and glass structures and structural aspect of cultural heritage. In the scientific field he published more than 15 scientific papers mainly in the fields of structural glass, timber structures and architectural cultural heritage. He has participated in few FP7 European projects (SMooHS, EU-CHIC, Climate for Culture) regarding preservation and monitoring of historic structures and architectural heritage. He finished “Cultural heritage course” (Padua, 2010) where the main scope was about monitoring of microclimate in cultural heritage objects. He is active in design of new structures and monitoring and reinforcement of existing and heritage structures. Through his professional activity he gained experience in assessing and digitalization of cultural heritage objects. Computer skills: AutoCad, Robot, Photoshop, FEM software for structural analysis ANSYS, STAADT.​


​JURE BARBALIC (male) - Structural Engineer, Research and teaching assistant

The main subjects of the scientific work are technical fields of structures and architectural cultural heritage. He is active in design of new timber structures and monitoring and reinforcement of existing ones. Through the professional activity he gained experience in assessing, modelling and digitalization of cultural heritage objects. Most significant projects in which he participated were Hygrothermal building simulation od Cathedral in Dubrovnik (Climate for Culture project) and 3D measuring, modelling and reconstruction project of Technical museum building in Zagreb.​


​DARKO MESTROVIC (male) - PhD, Structural engineer Darko Mestrovic is full university professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb. He is lecturer on several subjects on Master (Earthquake engineering, Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures) and PhD course (Linear and nonlinear dynamics analyses of bridges) for civil engineers. The main subjects of his work and research are reinforced concrete structures and earthquake engineering. In the scientific field he published more than 40 scientific papers mainly in the fields of earthquake engineering.​


Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.