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DEMO Consultants is an independent consultancy firm (SME) dealing with strategic management, technical advice and software modelling for the real estate sector. DEMO Consultants creates innovative software products offering tools for investment appraisal,  portfolio management, strategic decision making and maintenance planning. DEMO works for industries, governments and research institutions. DEMO personnel consist of building  engineers, real estate managers, building economists, and software developers. DEMO has a long track record in national and international R&D projects, working in close collaboration with its Dutch customers and European partners. Most research focuses on sustainable development, energy conservation and the combination of technology with socio-economic factors.


Main roles in INCEPTION

  • T 3.3: Developing systems and tools to allow obtaining BIM-compatible useful information from 3D data survey.
  • T 4.2, 4.4: Supporting and validating the cloud – base platform for heritage accessing.
  • T 5.1, 5.3: Responsible as a leader, DEMO will coordinate the stakeholders in the Netherlands (e.g. NGOs, industries and governments) dealing with cultural assets to demonstrate INCEPTION results in real projects, engaging end-users and citizens at large.
  • WP6, ALL TASKS: Wp leader as a whole and of T 6.1 in particular, DEMO leads researchers in this work package to synthesize the results from other WPs on enhanced hardware, software and 3D data model / BIM, and subsequently develop and deploy user-friendly ICT instruments operable through mobile devices for technicians, scholars and citizens to support their understanding of cultural heritage. The instruments for technicians will primarily be applied for building condition assessment and maintenance planning. The instruments for scholars and citizens will allow them to use mobile devices --either on-site or off-site-- to connect with the digital surrogates.
  • T 7.1, 7.2, 7.3: Active participation in the dissemination network.
  • T 8.1, T 8.2, T 8.3:: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly), involvement in the scientific management, fulfilment of all obligations for reporting​

  • Key persons involved​


André van Delft (1970) is the CEO of DEMO Consultants. He holds a BSc in building engineering and an MSc in Real Estate Management (TU Delft, Netherlands). He is an experienced software developer and specialist in developing computer models for the real estate industry with the focus on information management and risk analysis. He has designed and developed various applications for governmental ministries, municipalities, housing corporations, institutional investors and research institutions. He has also participated in a number of European research projects from FP4 through to FP7.​


​OANA SCHIPPERS-TRIFAN (female) - MSc, Dissemination Manager

Oana Schippers-Trifan (1985) works at DEMO as knowledge dissemination manager and operational coordinator in European research projects. She holds a BSc in Journalism and Mass Communication Studies from the University of Bucharest, an MSc in Communication Studies and an MScRes in European Studies, both from the University of Amsterdam. At the moment, she is involved also in the dissemination and content management of the ongoing H2020 EU-projects INSITER and P2ENDURE.


​INGE VAN ZUIJLEN (female) - MSc, Office Manager and Technical consultant

Inge van Zuijlen (1973) studied Architecture and Building Technology at TU Delft. After graduation she worked as an all-round building professional in the architectural sector while developing her skills in public relations that reflect her personal interest. She is an Office Manager primarily responsible for marketing and public relation activities of DEMO Consultants. In addition to her primary tasks, she supports technical consulting and research activities of DEMO.​


Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.