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Nemoris is an innovative start-up specialized in the development of innovative software for semantic archiving. Nemoris creates high level products which answer the specific needs of our customers and do not burden them with features which are not relevant to them. Nemoris innovates the informatic process focusing on automatism and time and resources saving. Nemoris has developed an automatic documents archive and a search engine called Nexus and two customized products, Ilexis, for Italian legal documents, and Opus, which enhances talent scouting. Nexus is the archive and search engine and it can be integrated with the existing company documents system or used as an independent intranet search engine. Nexus acquires every type of textual document, emails, web pages, images and scans. It automatically analyzes documents so information retrieval is made simple and immediate. This semantic search allows the recovering of more complex information and shines a new light on categories and connections. Founded on 2011 Nemoris has won several local prizes and was selected by Aster for two Business Incubation Grant called Spinner and We Tech Off. The aim of the company is to apply web semantic techniques to data management and works with other software companies to add semantic features to their products. It has contributed to projects that apply semantic to climate hazards management, clinical trial master files, legal documents and curriculum vitae for recruitment. Nemoris it is also one of the author of the Wikisauro project, a semantic wiki created to digitalize collections of paleontology museums with a collaborative approach.


Main roles in INCEPTION

  • T 1.1, T 1.3: Collection of the basic information from various sources (Stakeholders, Data Acquisition Techniques and 3D Representation Software etc.); active role in the development of a documentation protocol: methodology process for data capturing based on quality indicators.
  • T 3.2, 3.3: Task 3.2 leadership in developing methods for semantic organization and glossary definition for Cultural Heritage buildings. Storage of metadata in a local semantic repository (SPARQL language implemented) addressed to end-users approach. Web service interface of the repository for platform and APPs.
  • T 4.3: Input for the semantic web ontology for the BIM- platform.
  • T 5.1: Active role in the use-case definition.
  • T 7.1: Active involvement in the dissemination actions.
  • T 8.1, T 8.3: Active participation in management meetings (general assembly), fulfilment of all obligations for reporting.​​​

Key personos involved

SILVIA PARENTI (female) - Ing., President

Silvia Parenti is an electronic engineer and she worked for 16 years in software development. She started as software engineer at Noemalife (ICT company) . From 1999 she worked in Think3 Inc., a multinational corporation of CAD software, where she was project manager and team leader for graphical user interface. She was responsible of external and internal libraries integration. In 2011 she founded Nemoris with Anna Elisabetta Ziri, a startup born to solve automatic file storage with a semantic approach. She has deep experience in project management in the CAD environment, multienvironment platforms and software modules compatibility.​​

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​ANNA ELISABETTA ZIRI (female) Dr.,Vice- President

Anna Elisabetta Ziri has a degree in mathematics with full marks and she worked for 17 years in software development. She applied her mathematical skills researching and developing algorithms for the R&D of think3, a multinational CAD software corporation. In 2007 she became project manager of a interfunctional team located in Bangalore, India. In 2011 she founded with Silvia Parenti Nemoris srl. She collaborates with Bologna University (DISI department) and Ferrara University (Mathematics department) for thesis and research development in the field of applied semantics. She has deep experience in C++, Java and Object Oriented development, design pattern, agile programming, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, semantic web languages and ontologies modeling, data mining and machine learning. She works as software consultant for semantic techniques applied to different data fields.​

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Prof. Roberto di Giulio
University of Ferrara, Italy
T his project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 665220.